Blogger Info. {Q&A}

Q.- Is there a possibility of a Permanent spot?

A.- ABSOLUTELY!!. If your blog has impressed us with your dedication and overall quality there is a chance of not being rotated out.

Q.- If I am selected can I be selected the next time aswell?

A.- YES!! We encourage everyone to apply for each round, You can be selected consecutively. ( Ex. Selected in July&June, and selected again for the August&September rotation.)


Q.- What if I do not make the list?

A.-Every rotation we will select bloggers from the applications. Please do not feel discouraged if you are not chosen, and feel free to apply for the next rotation.

Q.- What are the qulifications to be selected as a REIGN. Blogger?

A.- We are looking for creativity, unlike others we do not have a restriction on the age of your blog, If you are new and your blog views and quality reflect your dedication you may very well be selected. We are looking for Unique style and overall great quality.


Q.- What happens if I can not fulfill my blogging duties due to unforeseen incident. (IE.- Computer breaks, internet outage… or you know.. like..GODZILLA ATTACKS)

A.- Issues come up, RL STRIKES, and we totally understand. All we ask is that you do your best and you contact us in the event that something prohibits you from being able to fulfill your duty to REIGN. You work with us and we will work with you. (As long as this is not a reoccuring issue it will never effect your ability to be selected again as a Reign blogger. RL happens and we know it.)



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