Reckless FAQ’s


1. Permissions on my items are not changed for any reason. Ever. Period.

2. NO REFUNDS. PERIOD. I do not alter my ads in any way. They are not photoshopped, therefore everything appears “As Is” when purchased. The only exception for refunds would be in the event of an accidental double purchase. Send me a notecard with transaction info within 24 HOURS

3. I currently have no gift option in-store. If you need something sent as a gift, please NC me with all pertinent details and I will make sure it is gifted right away!

4. For any other questions please NC me with any pertinent details (redelivery etc).


Please note:  All tattoos come with ALL applicable appliers AS NOTED ON THE AD.  If your desired applier is NOT included (i.e. Lolas), it is because the applier distorts the image of the tattoo so much that it is unrecognizable.  I will not change this for any reason so please do not ask me for extra appliers.  Thank you.



Reckless Management:
Owner/CEO – Landon Mode
Store Manager – Alexandria Enchanted (troubleshooting, etc)
Blogger Manager – Deanna Dumpling


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