REIGN.’s Very First Photo Contest!!!



♦Photo’s must contain atleast one REIGN product, ie. Shoes, Accessory, clothing.
♦Photo must be turned in by the deadline on October 30th at MIDNIGHT… 12am slt
We Plan to post the winning photo to facebook, flickr, and a spot in our store we ask that it is appropriate for those forums.
♦Only One Entry Per Person.

♦LAST RULE!!! You must have funnnnnnn!!! We are doing this purely for fun, let your creativity flow!

Upload your photo to secondlife.
Place your full perm photo in a notecard titled: REIGN. SPOOKTACULAR ENTRY- (YOUR NAME)
Drop the Notecard in the Cauldron in the Mainstore!

-If you Post your photo on Flickr (AND WE WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO) make sure to use the tag ReignSpooktacular so that we can find it… we would also like for you to post it to the We Love Reign group

Then all you have to do is Wait. The winner will be announced in the REIGN group and on our Website, Facebook, flickr, and plurk.
Kenadee’s Facebook
Illy’s Facebook
Kenadee’s Flickr

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