elska News!

Hello all you lovely people.

All of the stores at Yesterday are involved in some pretty spiffy upcoming events, and I’m sure that you’ll be updated on them more than once, as a few of us are in some of the same events, HOWEVER!

This post right here is for elska.


elska is in two upcoming events that both open within the next week.  Firstly, the Body Modification Expo held by Depraved Events, and second, the Bloody Horror Fair, held by Candy Events.  Here’s the ads for all of the tattoos that will be available for those events!

craftyad likemomlikedaughter technicolorad
(All of these will be available 10/10 at Body Mod)

bleeding bones ad these old bones ad wounded bonesad
(All of these will be available 10/15 at Bloody Horror)


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