Recent Events for Yesterday!

Hi lovelies!

Alex here, just writing to inform you of all the amazing events all of our stores are currently taking place in.

Firstly, don’t forget that N°21 is currently in the midst of its 2nd round held on the Yesterday Sim!

Reign, FLite, Reckless, elska, and Chary are ALL participating and we each have some fantastic releases for you to grab.  This round will be open until Wednesday, September 10th, so make sure you attend so that you can grab all our goodies while its open!

Kenadee is so great at updating you on Reign & FLite news that I know I don’t have to.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Reckless, however, who will be participating in the upcoming round of The Men’s Department, which starts in a short few days (September 5th!), and elska, who will be participating in a limited Totally Top Shelf hosted event as well as Thrift Shop 6.0, both which open in early September.  Another post will be made as soon as ads for both Reckless and elska are finished to show you the amazing exclusives you’ll be able to pick up.

Speaking of Reckless, have you visited District 5 yet?  I know you’ve all seen the post that Kenadee made about Reign being in The Hamptons!  elska is in The Hamptons as well with four exclusives, and Reckless has exclusives set out in The Indie Market!  District 5 is almost over so make sure you go while you still can to grab all our fun products!

The last thing I wanted to write about today is that elska is currently looking for some new and amazing bloggers to join the team!  We have 19 (yes that many!) spots to fill with your talents.  Make sure you go to the elska tab at the top of our website so that you can access the application!  There is no application deadline.  We will always be on the hunt until we feel that we have 19 of the best bloggers on the grid.

That’s it for today; keep visiting our page to be updated on what’s going on at Yesterday!

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